Dear Everyone!

Thank you a lot for your passion for anime.
Cinema Artis was fully booked over and cosplay-show was really amazing.
We are grateful to the All Stars team for their wonderful and inspiring performances.
We are happy that free stage artists impressed the public with their very high level skills.
It was really difficult made decision, but we ,must do it.

Jury decided not to award the 1st prize in this year.
The 2nd place and cash prize 6,000 Y goes to Evil Uke.
The 3rd and 4,000 Y- to Boku No Hero Academy.
Special prize „For the strong spirit of Cosplay” and cash 3,000 Y goes to Yuno Gasai. 

We are very sorry that our technicians have lost your music! 

You costume and performance was excellent. 

You will remember you debut in cosplay for a long time.

In competition of Estonian anime characters participated only one participant ( 

Actually, we must canceled competition. And we did have not any choice ) 

But your performance, Gwendolyn, was very impressive. 

Congratulations with the special price and cash 4,000 Y!

We are sorry for many technical problems in Artis venue, although the staff tried their best to solve it (special thanks to uncle Raivo).
Thank for your improvisation, Andrei! You saved the face of the festival :)
You can get your prizes on Saturday, 28th of April, in cinema Artis from 12 till 12.30 o'clock.
Thank you for everything!


JAFFi sõbrad